Finding serenity.

An antique oriental rug that I love.

“Feelings are much like waves, we can’t stop them from coming but we can choose which ones to surf.Jonathan Martensson, motivational speaker

“Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain.” –Karl Jung

Today I choose to ride my artistic wave allowing my hands to do my thinking for me.  My feelings are wide-ranging and not pleasant. When I feel this way there is a cacophony in my brain that could reduce me to tears and worse if I let it.  The way for me to deal with this much emotion is to do something physical.  But it’s too hot to go for a walk.  (I’m ready for fall weather.)  I could walk in the mall but too often I wind up shopping when I walk there.  I certainly can’t afford that.  I was flipping through a book and came upon the above quote by Karl Jung and realized that I needed to use my hands.  So this morning I glued small pieces of green tissue paper on to a canvas (one of my in-progress projects).  This process always amazes me.  I whacked up several shades of green tissue and started to haphazardly glue them to a selected section of my canvas.  There is some logic here.  I mean for the finished green section to look like grass, more or less.  Today I worked with a friend who had not done this before but she’s a self-starter and she got in the groove quickly.  We started out talking and analyzing our work.  In a few minutes we were almost totally silent and our hands had minds of their own.  We both had found serenity in the process.

My divorce was final a little over two years ago.  I had hoped that the emotional roller coaster would be over by now and fortunately it doesn’t come around very often these days.  When it does I put my hands to a task, find peace and end up with an artistic project that reminds me of where I’ve been and how much better I am now.


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