A work in progress.

Pictured here is a banner a friend and I are making for our church’s 225th anniversary.  All that blue will eventually be the sky.  I almost always have a project in progress.  More likely, I have several.  I usually finish my crochet projects fairly quickly because I can stitch while I pretend to watch TV or really listen to music.  Other artistic endeavors take longer.  Some take a lot longer than they should, my hooked rug, for example.  I started hooking (I love the double entendre.  I actually do only the rug kind.) several years ago.  I was moving right along when “the divorce” hit.  After that I didn’t touch it for at least two years.  Finally, last winter, I started to work on it again.  I thought I would hook this summer but I think all that wool lint would stick to my skin and make me miserable.  So I’m waiting for the heat and humidity to take a hike.

It occurs to me that we human beings are works in progress, too.  And some of us take longer to become masterpieces than others.  I think maybe I’m one of the slower ones.  Several years before my marital problems accelerated toward divorce, I had begun thinking and working seriously on my spiritual life.  I’ve wondered sometimes if my spiritual growth had something to do with our eventual separation.  I guess I’ll never know the answer to that and I don’t need to know.  I believe that spirituality is a very personal thing and no two people are on exactly the same path at the same time.  It is comforting to me to know, though, that my “artist” has a hand on me and if I cooperate I’ll eventually be that work of art I’m supposed to be.


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